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Term Dates

Summer Term 2019

Term Begins Wednesday, 24th April (morning – by 11am)
*Closed Sunday 28th April
1st Exeat Weekend Friday, 3rd May (noon) to Monday, 6th May (between 5 & 7pm)
3s’ Play Thursday, 23rd (6pm) & Friday, 24th (11am) May
2nd Exeat Weekend Friday, 24th May (noon) to Monday, 27th May (between 5 & 7pm)
Common Entrance 4th – 7th June
Sports Day Saturday, 8th June (10am – 4.30pm)
Half Term Saturday, 8th June (after Sports) -Sunday, 16th June (between 5 & 7pm)
‘2s’ Day’ Saturday, 22nd June
*Closed Sunday 30th June
Leavers’ Musical Thursday, 4th (6pm) & Friday, 5th July (5pm followed by leavers’ & their parents’ supper)
End of Term Friday, 5th July (noon for all but the 1s)

Autumn Term 2019

Term Begins Wednesday, 4th September (morning by 11am)
*Closed Sunday 8th September
1st Exeat Weekend Friday, 27th September (noon) to Sunday, 29th September (5-7pm)
1s & 5s’ Plays Thursday (6pm), 17th October & Friday (11am), 18th October
Half Term Friday, 18th October (noon) – Sunday, 3rd November (5-7pm)
2nd Exeat Weekend Friday, 22nd November (noon) to Sunday, 24th Nov (5-7pm)
*Closed Sunday 8th December
End of Term Saturday, 14th December (noon, after Carol Service)

Lent Term 2020

Term Begins Tuesday, 7th January (by 11 am)
Closed Sunday* 12th January
1st Exeat Weekend Friday, 24th (noon) to Sunday, 26th January (between 5 & 7 pm)
4s' Play Thursday, 13th (6pm) & Friday, 14th (11am) February
Half Term Friday, 14th (noon) to Sunday, 23rd February (between 5-7pm)
2nd Exeat Weekend Friday, 13th (noon) to Sunday, 15th March (between 5-7pm)
* Closed Sunday 22nd March
Choral Day Sunday, 22nd March - all children (with parents & friends)
Mock Trial Thursday, 26th March (5pm)
End of Term Friday, 27th March (noon)

Summer Term 2020 (provisional)

Term Begins Thursday, 20th April (by 11 am)
Closed Sunday* Sunday, 23rd April
1st Exeat Weekend Friday, 28th April (noon) to MONDAY, 1st May (between 5 & 7 pm)
3s' Play Thursday, 25th (early evening) & Friday, 26th (morning) May
2nd Exeat Weekend Friday, 26th (noon) to MONDAY, 29th May (between 5 & 7 pm)
Common Entrance 6th-9th June
Sports Day Saturday, 10th June (10 am-4.30 pm)
Half Term Saturday, 10th June (after Sports Day) to Sunday, 18th June (between 5 & 7 pm)
2s' Weekend Saturday, 24th June
Closed Sunday * Sunday, 2nd July
Leavers' Play Thursday, 6th (5.30) & Friday 7th July (5 pm - followed by 1s' leavers' & parents' supper)
Term Ends Friday 7th July (noon for all but the 1s)


*First & last Sundays of term are ‘closed Sundays’ when all boarding children stay in school.

Return times for exeats and half terms are given for boarders; day children return at normal time the following morning.

Boarders may have TWO floating exeats (not ‘closed’ weekends) each term, starting after games on a Saturday (4.00pm) until Sunday evening. Please email the office by 5pm Friday, if you wish to take your child out.

Parent Teacher Discussions

We intend to hold parent/teacher discussions in the East Wing Hall at the following times :

1s (Year 8) Sunday (eve) at end of Autumn Half Term
2s (Year 7) Friday (am) at start of 1st Exeat Lent Half Term
3s (Year 6) Saturday (am) prior to 2nd Exeat of Lent Half Term
4s (Year 5) Friday (am) at start of first Autumn Half Term
5s (Year 4) Friday (am) at start of 1st Exeat Autumn Half Term