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Please find our latest results and match reports below.

Thursday 20th June 2019

Under 11 Mixed Doubles vs Brambletye

Won 6-3

The under 11 team had a fantastic evening at Brambletye winning by three matches (6-3). Having lost earlier in the term to Brambletye after an 8-1 defeat, it was very well deserved. Brambletye had some excellent players and at times the score could have gone either way.

Our first pair, Cristina and Reid, won all of their matches (5-1, 5-3, 5-2). They worked very well as a team showing great focus, communication and determination throughout.

Our second pair, Mimosa and Inigo, won one match and lost two (1-5, 5-4, 1-5). They were such a great duo, celebrating with an excited jump each time they won a point. They clearly had a lot of fun and brought lots of life to the courts.

Our third pair, Bea and Juan, won two out of three matches (5-2, 1-5, 5-4), saving their most exciting match until last. They started off trailing slightly behind Brambletye but as anincredible team they fought back to win.

Some fantastic tennis from all of the Ashdown players. They had a wonderful time and were very proud of the win!

Monday 17th June2019

U12 Mixed Doubles V Copthorne

Won 5-4

1st pair Cristina and Zadie won 6-5, 6-5, 6-1

2nd pair Tara and Khalel Lost 4-6, 4-6, 5-6

3rd Pair Freddie and Ariel Won 6-1, Lost 4-6, on 6-4

It was a real pleasure to watch the U12 in their tennis match today. Every player improved immensely during the evening. Our serves were quite accurate and our ground strokes were generally superb, although a few were a little wild. We played all our matches from the baseline rather than using volleys. After 6 matches the score was 3 games each. In a few minutes before their last match I coached Freddie and Ariel on the positions and tactics of a serve volley game. They utilised this in their final match to great effect winning 6-4. With all matches except the 1st pairs finished and the score of the matches at four all, we all watched a very tight game. We won that game 6-5 to take a narrow but great victory over Copthorne.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Under 11 Mixed team Vs Brambletye
Lost 8 matches to 1

Monday's tennis match was a last minute addition to the calendar. Nevertheless, it was a perfect sunny evening and some fantastic tennis was played. The score in tennis does not always reflect the standard of tennis that has been played, as was the case in this match. We saw many games coming to sudden death at deuce, making for some very exciting spectating!

Our first pair, Indya and Inigo, lost all three matches (3-6, 2-6, 0-6). However, this really does not reflect what we saw from the sidelines. They were a super pair and developed a great on court sporting relationship, giving plenty of competition to the pairs they played and leading some amazing rallies. Our second pair, Stephanie.D and Juan, won one of their matches and lost two (6-3, 1-6, 0-6). Again they played superbly as a pair, both displaying some impressive talent. Stephanie with her serving and Juan with his long range returns from the back line. Our final pair, Stephanie.M and William, lost all three matches (0-6, 0-6, 1-6). The match set up was very new to both of them but it provided them with such a valuable experience. By the end they were a lot more confident on court. They held their own, but unfortunately lost a few games at sudden death deuce.
I was really impressed with all of the players, including those from Brambletye. It was a really friendly fixture and both teams were supportive of each other, recognising each others strengths and giving support when points were lost. We look forward to meeting again after half term.    (LP)

Thursday 16th may 2019

Under 13 Girls vs Brambletye 

Result - Ashdown won by 6 matches to 3

The weather was well suited to tennis this evening which was a huge relief to the girls. They were feeling nervous going into the matches but they all played some superb matches with some very close scores. The Ashdown first pair, Zadie and Ariel, won all of their matches (6-0, 6-0, 6-5) with the final one being their trickiest. Taking an early lead, they got into a great rhythm with Zadie often staying back making some stunning returns all across the court and Ariel at the net making some crucial placements of the ball in the opposing half. They were impressive to watch and although Brambletye put the pressure on later in the game, they held strong and succeeded with their third win of the evening. Our second pair, Teresa and Alisa, won two out of three matches (6-2, 0-6, 6-4). They were a great pairing and always very supportive of each other. During their second match, three of the games came to sudden death at deuce, making for a very thrilling watch. Alisa's strengths were long returns whereas Teresa served beautifully. Our third pair, Daisy and Michelle, won one of their matches (2-6, 6-4, 5-6). Michelle was bought into the match with ten minutes to spare as one of the original players was unwell. Considering they hadn't played together before, they did remarkably well. Daisy was  most confident at returning from the back of the court which she did with confidence and Michelle had an impressive serve.

The girls came up against some great competition and really gave it their all. A very well deserved win! LP

Under 13 Boys vs Brambletye 

Result - Brambletye won 5 matches to 4. 

The senior boys traveled to our local rivals for a lovely evening of tennis. The format was slightly different in it was the first pair to 4, not 6. 

Kieran and Vlad worked extremely well with each other. Kieran with his superb powerful diagonal shots across the face of the court, left the opposition standing hopelessly. And Vald had a very strong forehand picking out small gaps in their half. They won two out of three games so very well done! (1-4, 4-0, 4-1) 

Pair number two were Tom and Dahiru. They both worked really well,  supporting and encouraging each other, it was nice to see. Tom’s services were definitely on point tonight with him rarely having to do a second serve, and with Dahiru with his lighting pace that gave him an advantage playing behind Tom at times. (0-4, 0-4, 4-1) 

Lastly Jean and Diego. Jean's backhand and overall movement are very nice and clean cut. He played some powerful shots at times which lead to a win in the first game. Diego’s contribution was fantastic as he likes to play smartly, meaning, he quickly analyses the opposition's position and will play the shot he thinks is correct. Very smart play. (4-1, 3-4, 1-4)

Brilliant effort all round boys well done. JS

Thursday 9th May 2019

Under 13 Girls vs Cottesmore 

Result - Cottesmore won by 4 matches to 2

Despite the bleak weather forecast the girls were excited for their first match. As they got underway the clouds darkened and just as they were finishing it started to rain. At this point we decided to go ahead with one more half match each against their equal pair. Our first pair, Alisa and Zadie, had two tough matches but by observing their play it was very clear that they are both talented players. They had some exciting rallies and Zadie displayed some impressive return shots. Our second pair, Tara and Teresa, lost their first match but won their second by one game. They were a great pair, always smiling and giving each other support throughout, whilst showing their strengths in both matches. Our final pair, Giada and Daisy, also lost their first match and won their second by one game. It was an incredibly thrilling moment for them when they went to sudden death for the match point, showing a great team spirit and winning on this occasion. All of the girls are worthy of commendation for playing through the wet weather and proudly representing Ashdown House. I look forward to taking their next match, hopefully with some dryer weather! LP

Thursday 2nd May 2019

Under 13 Boys vs Cottesmore 

Result - Ashdown won by 8 matches to 1

The boys were really looking forward to their first match but they were also a little apprehensive, asking many questions about what could happen. Kieran and Vlad played as the first pair. They were successful in all of their matches loosing no more than three games in any match. It was impressive watching them as a pair because they are both talented tennis players and they were also incredibly supportive of each other. There were moments when their matches had all of the spectators gripped! Our second pair were Tom and Dahiru, who also won all of their matches, some of which were very close, winning two of them by only one game. Their determination and sportsmanship throughout was impressive. They were very fair with the Cottesmore players and really gave it their all. Our third pair were William and Federico who felt the most uneasy going into the matches, being the two less experienced players. Despite this, they played extremely well winning two out of three matches. They seemed to really enjoy the evening, often dishing out criticisms of each other whilst finding it all rather funny. They had some fantastic rallies and were extremely pleased with their results.