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“Pure Mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.”

Albert Einstein

The teaching and learning of maths at Ashdown House is an enjoyable, creative and meaningful experience with our imaginative, practical and engaging lessons.

We aim to foster positive attitudes towards maths, as a lively and exciting discipline and cultivate a sense of rigour and accuracy.

We meet the requirements of the National Curriculum and Common Entrance syllabuses to prepare our pupils for senior school and exceed numeracy levels for adult life. We encourage investigative thinking and opportunities for cross-curricular study.

We actively engage the children in the learning process so that they can carry out calculations with speed and accuracy, recognise patterns and make generalisations, using estimation to consider whether solutions are sensible and apply these mathematical skills in everyday life. We encourage our children to take risks, to experiment and grow from their mistakes to help them persevere, to become resilient and have the confidence to challenge unproved assertions and illogical arguments.