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The more you learn about History, the better prepared you are for the future.” Theodore Roosevelt

At Ashdown House, we aim to bring History to life for the children, stimulating an interest and passion for the subject that will stay with them long into the future.

We know that children love to know what really happened in the past, the nitty gritty not just the glossy tales of the victors. We delve deeper into past events to really explore the social and politic themes. Our pupils gain a wonderful sense of empathy from researching what it was actually like to have lived in certain periods of time.

These approaches enable our children to develop their ability to express arguments and points of view in a coherent manner, both in verbal and written form.

Throughout the year groups, tasks are planned to ensure effective learning and to suit the needs of individuals. Work is rigorous and varied in its nature, allowing for pupils of different learning levels to access the curriculum and make effective progress.

As pupils reach the 3s (Year 6) a variety of teaching methods are used to meet the requirements of the Common Entrance syllabus, where children need to learn the techniques required to write successful narrative and analytical essays, and to tackle source evidence questions.

The greatest excitement of all is to see pupils develop their own desire to learn more and more about the past, to question it and to learn from it and form their own ideas about how they want to sculpt their futures.