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Please find our latest results and match reports below.

Thursday, 12th Septemer 2019

Junior A Quicksticks

V Won 5-0, V Won 4-0, V Won 1-0, V Won 1-0

The junior A Team, Indya, Stephanie D, Daisy and Stephanie M were superb today. Every girl played in both attack and defence. Great skill was shown in by Indya and Stephanie 3s in attack, using the Indian dribble to great effect. The determination to close down Cumnor's attack by Stephanie 4s and Daisy was a joy to behold.

Goals were scored by Indya and Stephanie 3s and Stephanie  4s  PMcC


Junior B Quicksticks

Won 2-1, Won 3-0, Won 3-1

We arrived at Cumnor rearing to go with all 5 members of the team keen to show that yesterday's defeat was an unlucky blip in what hopefully will be a future of increasing victories as we get to grips with the intricacies of hockey.

We were to play 3 matches against three different home sides - each match was 4 a side.  When we arrived I was particularly proud of Lydia who volunteered to play for the home team as they were one player short and we had a spare. I was told (and witnessed when we played them!) that she was a key player for them and she certainly showed some skillful stick-work when we were against that team!

The first team we played, the girls were getting used to the smaller pitch and 4 a side. No goalie, a defence and an attack player and then two midfield.  Katia absolutely shone throughout the entire festival showing determination and real gutsy game play.  Belle seemed to find her feet pretty rapidly and became an awesome forward partnering Katia at the front to devastating effect.  Katia scored 2 goals and Belle was robbed of one which just went wide.  We soon realised that we had a winning formula up front, this left our defence somewhat inactive and raring to be part of the action!  Stephanie J soon was released to join the attack and Scarlet remained ready to ward off the opposition if we needed.  The match ended and we won it with ease 2-1.

When it came to the second match we were confident of our formula, but we swapped Scarlet and Stephanie J to allow them both to have a bit of time with the action - due to the strength of attack from Katia and Belle there was little call for defence!  We won the second match 3-1 with goals from Katia and Belle.

The final match we also took an early lead so we decided to mix the team up a bit to allow the other girls to have a go in attack.  Katia and Belle defended and Stephanie J and Scarlet were in attack.  Scarlett jolly nearly managed to sneak a goal in, but was robbed at the last second by a defender getting in the way - it was so close!  Stephanie was pivotal in her passing and crossing the ball accurately to Scarlet and Katia.  We won the last match 3-1 and the girls were all delighted with how they had played.

As the coach I think that a victory is a joy, however on this occasion far more important than the victory is if the girls have learnt from the experience.  I believe the learning curve from this match will be something that we can take forward into future matches and use to great effect.  It was a source of great pride to be associated with such well mannered and dedicated girls.  I feel I must mention Lydia one more time as she really did impress not only with the game play I witnessed, but also her attitude in coming forwards to play for the opposition.  The season is shaping up to be an exciting one!  CD


Wednesday, 11th September 2019

U11 Ardingly Hockey Festival

v Lingfield Lost 0-2, v Hurst Lost 0-1, v Windlesham Lost 0-1, v Ardingly Lost 0-2

The Ashdown Under 11 Hockey team is made up of girls from the under 11, under 10 and under 9 age groups. Facing teams who were all under 11s we knew this was going to be a tough afternoon. The girls became know as 'The Little Blue Ones', however this did not reflect their performance on the pitch. They fought really hard, and although they didn't score any goals in the four eight-minute matches they played, they didn't lose by many each time. It was clear they had listened to their training they received before-hand because their understanding of the game was excellent. Many of the games were actually played in their attacking half for the majority but they just struggled to get it past the strong defense players on the other team. Areas to work on are skills in the shooting circle, using the whole pitch and going in for tackles. They are a brave team and will no doubt have some great successes this season. I wish them best of luck for their tournament tomorrow and can't fault their enthusiasm to carry on through some tough matches. Well done girls! LP