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Please find our latest results and match reports below.

Saturday, 16th November 2019

1st XI v Brambletye

Lost 2-4 

This was the final game of the season and we wanted to put in a big performance.  Brambletye took the lead through a bit of luck and extended the lead to go into the break 2-0.  We still felt that we could get something out of the game and despite going 3-0 down we started to press.  A slight change in formation saw Massimo deployed as striker and we were able to reduce the deficit to 3-2 with only a minute to go.  Sadly, a lapse in concentration at the end enabled Brambletye to extend their lead and end up worthy winners.   PM


2nd IX v Brambletye

 Lost 0-6 


Colts A v Brambletye

Lost 0-5

This was the last game of the season for the mighty Colts A. The team has been united and motivated throughout the whole season and individual improvements have defiantly been on show. 

Sadly, we had a exit to the season with a 5-0 defeat. The score line didn’t reflect on the game. We had numerous chances on goal and sadly missed a penalty. I was very proud that the boys didn’t give up and kept fighting until the end. 

Well done for a successful season boys. Bring on the rugby season!   JS


Colts B v Brambletye

Lost 0-7

It was a hard fought match against a formidable Brambletye team. Despite a few promising attacks, we were unable to get the better of them and went down 7-0. A score line which doesn’t reflect the effort that these boys put in until the final whistle. The Colts B should be proud of their effort.  SB


U9 v Brambletye

Lost to U9A 1-6 

Won Against U9B 6-0 

The U9s played a triangular with the Brambletye U9a and U9b teams. We had a strong win against the Bs with a particularly stunning goal from Freddie. We went 1-0 up against the As and had them worried for a while, however this was an unbeaten side going for their invictus season and we were unable to stop them. Well done to all the boys on a super season.   


Wednesday, 13th November 2019

1st XI v Brighton Lower School

Drew 1-1 

Another fantastic performance from the team who are starting to play some lovely football.  Despite plenty of chances in the first half, we trailed 1-0 at the break.  Confidence was high and we felt we could get something out of the game.  Brighton were always dangerous on the counter-attack, but we had to keep our wits about us.  Igui made a stunning save in goal to keep us in the game and then Miles scored the equaliser with a cool finish in off the post  We approach our final game of the season with two wins and a draw in our last three games.  PM

2nd XI v Brighton Lower School

Lost 0-5 

Colts A VII v Skipper's Hill

Lost 3-4 

The boys made the travel over to Skipper’s on a wet, windy, cold day of football. The game started off well with both sides trying to find the flow into the game. With the pitch being so muddy, both teams found it extra difficult to move the ball around. Skipper’s scored the first two goals before half-time with great attacking play. Sadly iy looked like our defensive mindset just wasn’t awake yet!

We got into the second half and we looked like a different team. We played some lovely combination play and were now creating a lot more chances and shooting a lot more. The game was end-to-end with both teams looking like every time they attack, they would score. The game finished 4-3 to Skippers but I take nothing away from our excellent performance.   JS

Colts B VII v Skipper's Hill

Lost 0-3 

The Colts B had a muddy match against Skipper’s Hill. The conditions were testing and we had the early chances, William Fry very nearly converting. Had he have done so I think the match would have gone the other way as this was a very close contest. Well done to all for their hard work and perseverance.  


Saturday, 9th November 2019

1st XI v Bedales

Won 3-1

With the 2s back from France and Daisy and Zadie recalled to the side, we put out a strong side to face a talented Bedale's side.  Miro settled our nerves with an early goal and we never looked back from there.  Igui was excellent in goal, but a well-taken free kick denied him a worthy clean sheet,

1st XI v Worth

Won 1-0

In the second match of the afternoon, we beat Worth 1-0.  This was a tough game and perhaps we underestimated our opposition who were particularly strong at the back.  However, a Massimo wonder goal broke the deadlock and despite some Worth pressure, we hung on for the win.  


3rd v Worth

Lost 2-0

With a mixed team of girls and boys, I must say I was very impressed with our work ethic considering it was very cold, wet and roughly 3ft of mud! 

The whole team effort was outstanding. A few of the girls have never played football before but it just proves, if you try something you might think your not good at, you might a shock! Each and every player today gave 100% and I couldn’t have asked for more. 

The game within it self was very balanced. Half-time was 0-0 and then Worth changed things up and few did struggle but nevertheless, they kept battling. The game finished 2-0 to worth. Even there coach at the end said how “outstanding” we were. 

Great effort everyone!   JS


Thursday, 7th November 2019

U9 v Skipper's Hill & Cumnor House

Won 3-0 v Skippers Hill

Won 2-0 v Cumnor House

Won 3-0 v Skippers Hill

Won 4-0 v Cumnor House 

The juniors travelled over to Skippers Hill for a lovely triangular with Cumnor House joining us. We played 4 games with a total of 10 minutes a game. There were many superb moments by us but I’m not going to single anyone out. The team as a whole player amazingly! Ashdown won all of there games and didn’t even concede one! Results below;

Well done boys!     JS


Wednesday, 6th November 2019

U10 VII v Ardingly

Won 1-0

In the first half the boys really struggled to find a way through the Ardingly defence. All the play was by Ashdown but it was all trying to be played down the middle throughout the whole of the first half. We had loads of chances that we should of put away, but just didn’t have our shooting boots on. Credit where due, we kept on battling over and over. 

Half-time approached and the game was still 0-0. Really, we should be 3 or 4 up but we’re not. The team talk for the whole of the 2 minutes was getting the boys to think and understand that we need to get the ball wide and then cross. In this type of game where the opposition are only defending in the middle, you simply just need to go around them. 

The second half got off and literally, 45 seconds later, Charlie put in a fabulous cross to which Rafe put away to make the game 1-0 to Ashdown. This simple change made the whole difference. We kept going and going but held on to the win. 

Well done chaps    JS


U9 VII v Ardingly

Lost 3-5

This was a close match against a very competitive Ardingly side. Andrey and Albie were at their best for much of the game and linked up beautifully for some quality goals. We battled hard and this was definitely one of our strongest performances in terms of the football played. Well done to all.  


Wednesday, 17th October 2019

1st XI v St. Ronan’s

Won 11-7

This was a great afternoon with lots of goals.  8-a-side on a big pitch meant that there was lots opf space and we were able to play with plenty of time on the ball.  Massimo scored 4 and his time on the pitch had to be reduced. However, this allowed other players to get on the score sheet such as Yasser and Khalel.  Well done to all! 

Colts A v St. Ronan’s

Won 5-0

What a game today! From the second the whistle went, we were on the front foot attacking in our possession based play. We fought for each other and supported each other when needed. We hardly put a foot wrong today. 

What really impressed me was out build up play. Starting from the goalkeeper and playing through the thirds, we looked dangerous every time. If I’m correct... we had 6 shots today and scored 5. Terrific work and well done boys!    JS

Colts B v St. Ronan’s

Lost 1-3

Saturday, 12th October 2019

1st X1 v Brambletye

Lost 1-7 

With a slightly weakened side we were dealt a masterclass in prep school football by a wonderful side on courses for an unbeaten season.  However, I was delighted with the way the boys conducted themselves and pressed for the consolation goal. However, the target for the return fixture is to reduce the deficit and show what progress we have made.   PM


Colts A V11 v Brambletye

Lost 0-3 

On a cold, wet, miserable today for football, the Colts A boy’s made the short travel to our local rivals, Brambletye. In the first half, we played some really nice football. With Charlie releasing some lovely shots at their keeper. But he gobbled them up nice and easy. 

The game was end to end but our lack of concentration cost us three goals. Instead of tracking back and delaying our tackles, we went in wildly which created the space for their players to run in behind and finish. 

There wasn’t much to the match as it looked like a game of ping pong most of the time, but I think we were extremely unlucky to concede three. We did however had two one-on-one chances but we dragged our shots wide. Overall as pleasing performance. Well done chaps!     JS 


Colts B V11 v Brambletye

Lost 0-4 

The Colt’s B team fought hard on a very wet and gloomy day, and should be very proud of their efforts.  A big pat on the back should go to  Aidan who had one of performances of the season.  Despite our best efforts however,  we were unable to penetrate the Brambletye defence, losing 4-0.  All in all, everyone gave it their all and on any given day the result might have been different!   SH


U9 A V

v Brambletye A - Lost 0-5

v Brambletye B - Won 3-2

The U9s had a triangular against Brambletye. We struggled against their As who were very strong indeed, however we were much better against their Bs and earned a good win. Well done to the whole team for not letting the initial loss get to them and for carrying on. 


Wednesday, 9th October 2019

U10 v Ardingly

Won 6-1

In our game today the boys were very effective with how they played. For some reason we we’re cautious of the opposition. As the game went on Ashdown found there way and scored the first goal. After came the second, then third etc. 

By half-time we were 5-0. I was referring the second half so I decided to test our boys by taking off two of our players to make the game 7 v 5. Now we really had to work hard. This half technically finished “1-1” but it was a good experiences for them.    JS


U10 v Ardingly

Won 6-1

In our game today the boys were very effective with how they played. For some reason we we’re cautious of the opposition. As the game went on Ashdown found there way and scored the first goal. After came the second, then third etc. 

By half-time we were 5-0. I was referring the second half so I decided to test our boys by taking off two of our players to make the game 7 v 5. Now we really had to work hard. This half technically finished “1-1” but it was a good experiences for them.   JS


U9 v Ardingly

Lost 4-7

This was a competitive match against a strong side. We looked good going forward but were unable to keep our width in defence, opening up space for a skilled Ardingly front two. Albie scored some excellent goals and the whole team, as usual, put lots of effort into the game. 


Saturday, 5th October 2019

1st XI  v Holmewood House

Drew 1-1

This was a close game with both sides having some good chances.  It was an open contest and we went into the break at 0-0 having come close with shots from Igui and Yasser.  However, it was Holmewood who broke the deadlock and they took the lead by capitalising on some indecision.  Despite this, we remained patient and a super passing move involving some one-touch football enable Igui to equalise.  Thgere was a chance for a winner late on in the game, but Igui was ruled off side.  Well done to all and in particular to those who stepped up from the 2nds.   PM


Colts A VII  v Holmewood House

Won 6-0

The Colts A made the short trip over to Kent for what was a brilliant game of football. From the off Ashdown boys were looking aggressive and had that look of hunger for the ball. There were many fantastic moments but one that stood out for me, was in midfield. Charlie and Torsten done some lovely combination play and fizzed the ball out to Albie who whipped the ball across the goal for Rafe to have a tap in. It was a glorious goal! 

Our defences was solid with Anthony in-goal making some critical saves and our defenders; Felix, Andrey and Kit. What really impressed myself and the parents was our confidence. Today we took chances and they paid off. It was such a great team performance all round and I’m so happy for the boys as they’ve worked extremely hard and taken on board what I’ve said. 

Well done boys, on to the next one!   JS


Colts B VII  v Holmewood House

Lost 2-3 (JD)


Wednesday, 2nd October 2019

1st 1X v St Christopher’s

Lost 0-2

2nd VI v St Christopher’s

Lost 1-4

Following a promising half, we went into the break at 0-0 believing we could get something out of the game.  However, St Christoper's made us pay for some missed chances as they raised their game in the second half and we found ourselves on the back foot.  Fatigue began to set in and we were chasing the game rather than asserting ourselves.  This was a physical game and the boys should be pleased with their effort and commitment.  However, we still need to be a little more clinical in one or two areas.  PM

Colts A v St Christopher’s

Drew 1-1

The Colts A boy’s travelled over to Hove on what was a very cold winters day. Despite the weather, we trained hard this week and hopefully can see an improvement. 

There wasn’t much to talk about in the first half. Both teams had a few chances but the game seemed to be very stale. Saying that, in the second half, the complete opposite happened and we were on fire! We were pressing high up the pitch in hope that it would force a mistake from out opponents. We were definitely on the front foot but sadly we gave away a sloppy goal. 

The boys fought on like solders and from out of nowhere, Rafe smashed the ball into the goal with his weaker foot to make the end of the game 1-1. What a great results against a tough side, but we go marching on!   JS

Colts B v St Christopher’s

Lost 0-8

Despite the score line, the team played well and the score doesn't reflect the effort and performance they put in.  A great individual performance from Indya who undoubtedly kept the score line in single digits.  Rufus is also to be commended for his relentless attempts to attack. All in all they gave it their all and the whole teams effort down to the final second is something to be proud of.  SH

U9 v St Christopher’s

Won 8-0

The U9s had a great match, scoring lots of goals and playing well as a team. Andrey and Demyan were strong in defence and this provided the foundation for Albie to apply the pressure at the other end. Well done to the whole team for their effort and team spirit. 


Monday, 30th September 2019

1st VI-a-side Football Tournament at Copthorne

The 1st sqaud put in a very creditable performance at the Copthorne tournament yesterday.  We lost our opening game 2-0 to Cumnor House, but this game could have gone either way.  Next we faced an extremely strong and technical side in Brambletye, but we battled to a 1-1 draw thanks to a cool finish from Massimo.  In the plate semi-final, we beat Copthorne 1-0 from a Miro finish to set up a final against Great Walstead.  We weren't at our best in this match and failed to capitalise on our chances, whereas Great Walstead took theirs to beat us 1-0.  Although the results didn't go our way, we played some super football at times but our movement off the ball could have been more decisive.  PM


Wednesday, 25th September 2019

1st XI v Sunningdale

Drew 3-3


2nd XI v Sunningdale

Lost 0-3

On a day better for ducks than footballers, the Ashdown 2nd XI went down fighting to a strong Sunningdale outfit. They were definitely the better side and certainly deserved their victory but that is not to diminish the effort the valiant, yet vanquished, Ashdown troops put in to the match. In fact, only down 1-0, we spurned a guiltedged chance to level the scores. Two late goals made the scoreboard look a little one sided. There was an enormous amount of huff and puff from the big bad wolves of Ashdown, yet, though they tried, they could not find a way of blowing that house down. A spirited performance nonetheless. GdeM


Colts A VII v Sunningdale

Lost 1-7

The Colts A footballers made the long journey to Sunningdale on what was a glorious afternoon. 

We aerated strong with our attacking mindset but it possibly slipped our minds that we had to defend as well. We were exposed at the back numerous times which lead to Sunningdale scoring more than they should have. In the first half, we couldn’t really create any opportunities, nor could we really pass the ball five yards. I think we were still asleep from the journey.... 

The second half commends and we now have set off on the right foot, although had a hard mountain to climb as Sunningdale were already 5-0 up.  Credit to the team as we still gave it our all.  

Possibly the only “wow” moment of the match was when Charlie cut inside on to his left foot and he sent the ball into the top corner of the goal. It was a fantastic strike. Overall, a good ending to our performance, but I think we just need to start the game more lively.   JS


Colts B VII v Sunningdale

Lost 0-3

A great effort on a rainy day at Ashdown against a formidable Sunningdale opposition. Despite the conditions, the boys played hard and gave it their all. However despite this, we conceded a goal in the first half after relentless defence. In the second half however we had more attacking opportunities, but unfortunately we couldn’t convert and the opposition managed to put another two past us. All in all, we played a great game and the next game is looking exciting.   SH


U9 VI v Sunningdale

Drew 2-2


The Under 9s had an exciting match against Sunningdale. We started well and Albie had chance after chance but was denied by a very talented Sunningdale goalkeeper. We went 1-0 down, however we kept our composure and Albie was rewarded with two fine goals in the second half. A late Sunningdale goal unfortunately prevented the win, however this was a great contest to watch and all the boys deserve credit.   RC

Saturday, 21st September 2019

1st XI v Windlesham

Lost 4-1

Despite the scoreline, this was a rather encouraging performance.  Well done to Yasser and Mise on their debuts and we went into the break only 1-0 down with all to play for in the second half.  Miro set up well for Igui to finish and the game was tied with only 10 minutes to play.  However a few lapses in concentration meant that we gave away some frustrating goals and we were also unable to pull one back from the penalty spot.  Credit to Windlesham for playing so well, but I am very pleased with the way the boys tried and conducted themselves throughout the game.   PM


Colts A VII v Windlesham

Lost 0-4

The boys played in the last of the summer heat today. After having a solid warm-up and a positive team-talk, the boys were on the ball from the off. 

The game was going both ways for the first 10 minutes, but the overall battle was down to physicality... again. For most of the game we got pushed off the ball because we couldn’t protect the ball. Saying that, we did a few great opportunities which we didn’t take. The build up play was good in some areas with everyone putting in the hard work. 

Even though we lost the game 4-0, the score line didn’t reflect on the game. Our forwards done very well with supporting each other and I must give a massive congratulations to Felix for a amazing performance in defensive. He consistently was reading the game and made some huge tackles. 

Overall, we were good in possession and our work rate was good but we just need to execute our chances more. On to the next game boys!   JS


U11B VII v Windlesham

Drew 2-2    (SH)


U9 VI v Windlesham

Won 5-0

On Saturday the U9a had a superb victory against Windelsham. Albie scored 4 excellent goals and a long-range effort from Andrey (who was outstanding in defence all match) sealed the win. All the boys tried hard in very hot conditions, however Demyan deserves special mention for his effort levels, putting in some great tackles and never giving up.   RC

Friday, 20th September 2019

The mighty under 9s made the short travel over to Handcross where we absolutely dominated. Ashdown had three other teams in there group (below) and had to really put up a fight to gain the wins. 

League games:

v Belmont - Won 2-0

v Dorest House - Won 3-2

v Handcross - Won 2-0

We then entered the cup semi-final which we played Handcross again. We were on the back foot for most of the game but we came alight when the opposition started leave gaps in defence. We won the game 2-0 but it could have been a lot closer! 

The final had now approached us. Nerves were flying around and heart rates started to rise. We were playing are local rivals, Brambletye. We had a excellent start with getting a few shots of early. We nominated in defence with some high tackles on show. But, in football, you have to keep focus all the time. In the last 60 seconds, we switched off and this let to a goal from the opposition. We got beaten but I’m hugely proud of theses little footballers. What an achievement, keep pushing yourselves! 

Wednesday, 18th September 2019

1st XI Football V Imberhorne

Lost 6-1

After two encouraging performances we were brought down to earth with a bump by an extremely talented Imberhorne side.  We found ourselves 5-0 down at half time which did, however, slightly flatter the opposition.  We looked sluggish and gave the ball away needlessly and of course against a side like Imberhorne, you can't afford to be this careless.  We raised our game in the second half and were more aggressive as well as putting together some decent passing moves.  Miro scored our goal and could have added to his tally, but I was pleased that we were able to bounce back from a disappointing first half to draw the second 1-1.  Well done to Massimo for leading by example throughout.  PM

Tuesday, 17th September 2019

Brambletye VI aside Football Tournament

1st VI


Colts A

The Colts A we’re on really good form today in the tournament. We started off playing against the hosts, Brambletye. It was such a close game with the game going from end to end. With the games being really short, we knew we had to make a impact quick. We created 2 great chances, but couldn’t execute. We lost 1-0

Our next two games were against St. Christopher’s (lost 4-1) and Copthrone (lost 1-0) The boys played well but the result just didn’t go our way. We gave away the ball too many times, which lead to to both sides punishing us. With three defeats this meant that we would be playing in the plate semi-final. We came up against Cottesmore, who we know are already a good side. 

The game was so intense with both sides throwing all there fire power at each other. A few of the boys came so close with a powerful drive but couldn’t hit the target. There keeper pulled off a few fabulous saves which we could do nothing about but it came down to the last few minutes where the game was 1–1 but we conceded late with another sloppy decision. 

Well done to the boys. Good learning curve! 

Saturday, 14th September 2019

1st X1 Mixed Football V Cottesmore

Won 4-2

First home game of the season and another win!  After an impressive performance last time, Zadie and Daisy kept their places and Amalia came in at right-back to deputise for Sami.

This was an outstanding performance from start to finish.  We dominated the first half courtesy of a Miro hat-trick and perhaps could have had another with Massimo hitting the post and Igui coming close.

Once again we were a little sluggish in the second half and lost our shape a little, but did just enough to stop the Cottesmore come-back.  A Miro breakaway goal for his and Ashdown's fourth put the game safely beyond reach with minutes to spare.  Well done on a super team performance.

First home game of the season and another win!  After an impressive performance last time, Zadie and Daisy kept their places and Amalia came in at right-back to deputise for Sami.

This was an outstanding performance from start to finish.  We dominated the first half courtesy of a Miro hat-trick and perhaps could have had another with Massimo hitting the post and Igui coming close.

Once again we were a little sluggish in the second half and lost our shape a little, but did just enough to stop the Cottesmore come-back.  A Miro breakaway goal for his and Ashdown's fourth put the game safely beyond reach with minutes to spare.  Well done on a super team performance.    PM


2nd X1 Mixed Football V Cottesmore

Lost 0-1


U11A V11 Mixed Football V Cottesmore

Lost 0-8

The Colts A boys made there trip over to Cottesmore on a lovely summers day. Sadly, we weren’t at our best today. We kept giving the ball away in silly areas and couldn’t really get close to there goal. What lost is the match was the physicality. We just couldn’t compete. 

On a more positive note, a massive well did to Kit on making some fantastic saves to keep the scoreline down. Overall, it just wasn’t our day.    JS


U11B V11 Mixed Football V Cottesmore

Lost 0-7   

The Colts B had a difficult match against Cottesmore. The boys and girls tried hard: Rufus and William D battled for the ball in midfield but we struggled to create chances for striker Freddie. We were against tough opposition and the whole team played in good spirit.   RC


U11C V11 Mixed Football V Cottesmore

Lost 0-6

The Colts C had an uphill struggle today against a slick and efficient boys team from Cottesmore. We tried various positions for the team. The most successful was Stephanie in goal. She made some super saves and followed instructions to the letter. Etienne and Stephanie worked quite well in defence. Demyan, my man of the match, was a sweeper with an incredible work ethic. He also took our throw ins. Lydia and Tony played midfield and made some super tackles. They also distributed the ball well. Stephanie took on the role of centre forward and she was superb.

We all learned a great deal during the match.

Most Valuable Player: Demyan      PMc


U9 V1 Mixed Football V Cottesmore

Drew 2-2

The girls and boys of the U9s played very well and were very unlucky not to come home with the win. There was some great play from the super defence trio - Belle, Scarlett and India, as well as a valiant Andrey who put his body on the line for a tackle. At the other end of the pitch Albie, Katia and Freddie were relentless and ruthless with their many shots on target. On top of this some excellent saves from Lincoln, made sure we only conceded two. All in all, a great day at Cottesmore, where everyone involved played well and evidently enjoyed themselves.   SH


Friday, 13th September 2019

Ashdown House U8 Football Tournament

*Joint Trophy Winners*

The mighty U8 were up for a battle today with there drive and courage. Within the group stages we played out of our skin. We won two and drew one. This meant that it was a very close fight to who would finish first in the group stage... and based on other results, it was Ashdown. 

We were now in semi-final and fighting to proceed to the grand stage. The game was end to end with both teams throwing everything at it. Ashdown came out on top with a fantastic couple of goals from Albie. 

Ashdown reached the finals. You could feel the nerves on the pitch and around the pitch. Yet again, both teams were throwing everything at the game and not thinking too much about defending. The best moment was in the last few minutes when Belle made a brilliant save to keep Ashdown in the game. The final went into a three minute golden goal. The game was gripping but at the end it was decided that both teams should share the trophy. A massive well done to everyone!   JS 

Wednesday, 11th September 2019

1st XI Football v Skippers Hill - Won 2-0

This was a fantastic start to the season.  We dominated the first half and didn't capitalise on the chances we created.  Massimo, Miro and Igui came close, but it was eventually Daisy who put us ahead.  (This was a momentous occasion with both Daisy and Zadie being the first girls to be selected for the 1st XI and achieving a goal and an assist respectively).

As we expected, Skipper's Hill came back at us in the second half and pushed hard for the equaliser.  They came close on a number of occasions and with some tired legs we began to lose our shape a little.  However, Giada came on as a substitute and we pressed for a goal which Freddie was able to convert with minutes to spare.  Well done to all of you.  PM


U11A VII Football v Rose Hill - Won 5-2

Today we approached our first game of the season. All of the boys were eager and excited to get the match under-way. 

We started very well with our forwards pressing high to try and win the ball quickly although this occasionally left us  exposed on defence and as witnessed when Rose Hill took the first goal. The boys had a great reaction with brilliant build-up play and managed to grab an equaliser a couple of minutes later. The game was end to end with both sides making great tackles but we managed to control most of the first half by going 2-1. 

The second half commenced, and we were on fire! We pressed to win the ball back so quickly that this lead to a few mistakes from the opposition which created gaps for us. One thing to work on is looking for the quick passes and finding the spaces.    That said, Ashdown was on top the whole game with lovely passing and communication within the group. Albie, who is an under 9s player, scored an incredible hat-trick for his first game for the Colts. What an achievement for such a talented boy. 

Towards the end of the game we did, unfortunately, give away a cheap penalty to which Rose Hill scored, but it didn’t make much difference to the game. The final score was 5-2 

Scorers:  Albie x3, Felix, Rafe

Well done boys. Keep working hard! JS


U11B VII Football v Rose Hill - Lost 0-2

The Colts B had their first match against Rose Hill on Wednesday. The boys tried extremely hard and Bertie made some super saves as goalkeeper. Freddie and Rufus were positive in attack and had some good chances but were unlucky. It was a close game and all the boys enjoyed their first match.  RC


Thursday, 12th September 2019

U10/9 Football Festival v Cumnor House

The mighty U9s and 10s made the short travel over the Cumnor for a lovely afternoon for some football. The festival was great with it being a circular rotation system (Play 1 game and then go off a do some skills training). 

I feel this was a good idea and the boys seemed to enjoy it. As far as the games went Ashdown U9 only drew 1 game and won the rest with the U10s winning all of there games. 

A very enjoyable afternoon. Well done everyone!   JS