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"Une langue différente est une version différente de la vie." Federico Fellini

French has always been a strong subject at Ashdown House and we take pride in the vibrant presence of this language around the school. Taught by native speakers, the children are exposed to the most authentic French along with its culture and traditions.

We hold a French Day in the summer for the whole school to enjoy a Bleu-Blanc-Rouge experience. Each year our Year 7 pupils put on a French Play written especially for them. A newsletter “ la Gazette” is produced by our senior pupils at the end of every term, and we never miss an opportunity to celebrate “le Carnaval” or an afternoon of Pâtisserie in the Junior school.

At the start of the Autumn term, our Year 7 pupils spend 6 weeks in le Château de Sauveterre in the South-West of France, not far from Toulouse. There, against the backdrop of the beautiful Pyrénées, they are totally immersed in the French language, are taught by native speakers and generally have to throw themselves into life à la française. By the time they return to us their confidence in expressing themselves in French has soared and they are able to capitalise on all they have learned in situ.

Long gone are the days of French torture by verbs and irregular adjectives. This language is alive, fun and exciting. Vive le français!