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Design Technology

“Creativity takes courage,” Henri Matisse

The DT department continues to be a hub of creativity. It’s truly exciting to see the children’s enthusiasm for this subject as they share their creative ideas and learn the required skills to transform those ideas into reality.

Each project requires an often complex range of skills and techniques which the children work hard to master. This allows them to build on their understanding as they progress up through the school. Projects are chosen to allow the children to become absorbed in the practical task while also delivering on cross-curricular skills, such as problem-solving, maths, scientific investigation and subject specific vocabulary. Through the use of these skills, their projects are delivered to a high standard, with desired outcomes reached through the use of hand tools and machinery.

In conjunction with time-tabled lessons, we offer DT clubs. The children are able to bring their unique, creative ideas and try out practical endeavours such as the pottery wheel. This is a valuable addition to the DT skillset, allowing the children to shape clay and work with mixed media.

The department’s facilities are second to none. We have 3D printers, laser cutters and more. These machines make the children’s ideas possible, enhance their work and allow for a more professional finish.

Our pupils make a variety of projects each year, from bird houses to puppets and race ready boats.