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Co-curricular programme

At Ashdown House, our children enjoy an exceptional range of co-curricular activities and opportunities.

We see these enrichment opportunities as an intrinsic part of our pupils’ educational experience. Everyone is encouraged to have a go at activities. All pupils get the chance to play an instrument, sing, be in a play or on a sports team, we encourage them to try their hand at brand new activities as well as old favourites. This inclusive atmosphere is cherished at Ashdown House, we believe this helps to build confident, well balanced pupils.

Many of the skills developed through co-curricular activities directly support children’s work in the classroom, promoting skills such as problem solving, teamwork and performing under pressure in front of an audience, not to mention the self-confidence that success in these activities can give. Music, Sport, Drama, Art and Design Technology are all incorporated into the mainstream academic curriculum, however, pupils have the opportunity in the co-curricular programme to enjoy and expand on these skills.

Our programme of clubs and activities may vary from year to year and includes such as Art, Sailing, Golf, Horse Riding, Swimming and Baking.