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Boarding is a big part of Ashdown life and we are proud to see many of our younger children starting as day children, only to beg their parents to let them board as they get older as they see how much their friends love boarding life.

We offer both full and flexi boarding, the latter being a particularly popular option with families trying to juggle busy work and family lives. We hold regular "Big Boarding Weekends" where we encourage families of day children who may be thinking of boarding either at prep school or later when they leave to go to senior school, to come and experience it for themselves.

The boarding day begins with breakfast together with teachers, which gives children a chance to chat and discuss anything that may be on their mind and get ready for the busy day ahead. We regularly find children playing board games with their friends, practising a musical instrument or reading before lessons begin. In the evening we offer a wide variety of activities, there is time to do homework or just relax with friends. At bedtime our Houseparents settle the children in happily (with a story for our Junior Boarders, of course!) before lights out.

Children keep in close contact with parents and family members, talking on the phone, writing letters and emails, with our twice-termly exeat weekends. 

Our highly experienced Houseparents and Matrons help ensure that anyone missing home is well cared for, helping them to settle in and make great friends. Children are encouraged to get involved in the many activities on offer so that the children can make the most of their time at Ashdown House and have great time!