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Able & Gifted

At Ashdown House School we recognise that every pupil has abilities, strengths and talents to be realised. We nurture these talents and strive to ensure, first and foremost, that all our pupils have as many opportunities as possible to find and develop their abilities whilst also providing effectively for those pupils who are especially gifted in academic subjects, and those who are talented in art, dance, drama, music or sport.

Pupils at Ashdown House are regularly assessed in the classroom by form teachers and subject specialists, who use a range of methods, whether written, oral or visual to monitor progression. The nature of assessment will vary according to the age of the pupils. However, the data gathered is used to gauge achievement and level of understanding, and to inform future lesson planning. Ashdown House also uses annual CAT Tests that are administered internally and provided by GL Assessments, alongside standardised Access Maths tests, reading progress and spelling progress tests.  

Recognising that no single method of identification can be entirely accurate, Ashdown House will also draw upon the following methods to identify able and gifted pupils: teacher observation and assessment; background knowledge; the expertise of the AEG&T coordinator, Director of Studies and SENCO in supporting the judgement of the teacher; Parent information regarding talents and achievements which cross the home-school boundary. All potential pupils’ needs are considered flexibly and intelligently, taking into account those who are late developers or underachieving for emotional reasons or because of a learning difficulty.