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The Jungle Cup

Year 8 Learning survival skills

On Tuesday Year 8 headed into the woods to test their survival skills. Working in their patrol teams the children had to prove they could survive a night in the jungle and set up camp. They were shown the basics with a fire starting workshop by Old Ashdownian Nick Weston, then it was their turn. First, they had to build a shelter to protect them from the weather followed by a test of patience and perseverance - lighting a fire using a flint and steel (no matches allowed!). The patrols were judged on the design and practicality of their shelters and the success of their fire lighting skills. Ultimately the Eles reclaimed the trophy for an unprecedented third time, thanks to a terrific shelter and a well stoked fire. Barbecued chocolate bananas rounded off an excellent trip to the wilds of East Sussex.

Ashdown House prep School Forest School Den Building with the Jungle Cup
Year 8 learnt how to light fires in the Forest School



Ashdown House Prep School Den Building at the forest school
Hippo Patrol gather fire wood.


Ashdown Prep School den building at the forest school in Sussex
Kangs Patrol work as a team to build a fire.
Ashdown House Prep School on Den building day in forest school
Rhino Patrol stock up on fire wood


Ashdown House Prep School Den Building and Fire Lighting
The Eles completed the challenge in the fastest time with the best shelter and fire, winning the Jungle Cup.